So what makes you different?

A couple things, really. For one, there are literally ZERO manufacturers in the MSR world who can create a truly one-of-a-kind rifle like this and sell at a factory-direct price. For another, we thought long and hard about what was missing in the marketplace.

We figure, if it’s YOUR gun, then make it YOUR gun.

There are a lot of “$700 specials” out there, flying off the shelves at your big box stores – and a lot of cheap parts going in the trash soon after. GNAR provides an “upgrade-proof” rifle at a competitive price.

How long is my order going to take?

We have a great facility and staff with backup shifts ready to come in as necessary the next time one of those buying panics happens. Our goal is to be able to ship within 10 business days of receiving your order – but we will notify you prior to your order if we anticipate a longer lead time than that.

Do you do local pickup?

Kentucky residents with a valid CCDW license are welcome to pick up at our facility. We have a local partner for transferring weapons to non-CCDW-carrying KY residents. We are not a gun store and can’t be tied up on the phone all day with the ATF running 4473’s.

Do you do a .308? A 9mm? A 6.8? 

Not yet. But soon. The AR-15 is our jumping off point. Actually, we’re really liking the idea of an MK7 variant right now. But one thing at a time.

Who makes your stuff?

GNAR has OEM contracts with some well-established industry players to provide our barrels, triggers and receivers. Since they also sell complete rifles, they’re also competition. So we aren’t at liberty to say anything beyond, “trust us, we don’t use crap”. There is literally not a single piece, pin, spring or otherwise that isn’t something we wouldn’t trust our lives to.

I really want a ________ with a ______ and _____ for a _____.

Of course you do. Contact customs@jointhegnarmy.com or give us a call. Wait, no, just email us. We couldn’t possibly create a website where we could be all things to all people, so hit us up, tell us what you’re looking to do and let’s figure out how to put it in your sweaty palms. We are adding a full suite of hydro-dip capabilities as we speak as well.

Do you offer Military / LEO discounts?

Absolutely. Current and ex-military, as well as LEO and First Responders will receive $100 off the price of a complete rifle, or we will donate $100 to our charitable program in your name.



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