Truth is, there are already plenty of players in the AR-15 game. But GNAR was not founded on the idea of being just another roll-mark. We wanted to give shooting sports enthusiasts (noobs and operator-class alike) the opportunity to create and customize a best-in-class Modern Sporting Rifle at an attainable price.

We noticed that a lot of people were buying up those $750 big-box AR’s and then spending almost the entire price of the gun upgrading the stock, the brake, the trigger and the handguard. So we thought, “what if we just did that for them… and then offered to do it in every color of the rainbow?”

So we started making some calls. Sketching out some ideas. Making some new friends. And coming up with a new way to get a fully tricked out AR with every bell and whistle. And while others call things like single-stage triggers, free-float handguards and billet aluminum receivers “upgrades”, we call them “features”.

Wrap it all up in a company that was founded on the notion of not doing it like everyone else. You don’t have to join a militia to love shooting a GNAR – you just have to want a sweet-ass rifle. We might offend some of you along the way but we assure you, it’s nothing personal.*

(* unless you’re in one of those anti-gun groups that we made a mean t-shirt about. then it’s personal.)


Justin Brown, COO Judson Snell, CEO



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